Name: Toyoko

Age: Made to look 21

Manufactured Date: October 7th

Race: Robot Girl

Toyoko is the third robot-girl to be made by Shiden. Like all of his robot girls they have “artifical souls”: uncontrolled results on personalities and model shapes.  Made so she would be more realistic, her key personality isn't set by Shiden at all.  Like her sisters, they all are not set to be his "model woman". For instance-- Toyoko is practically obsessed with Shiden, but he didn't make her that way.  She acquired it, like many humans develop traits early in life. 

Toyoko is constantly reminded by Nami that she doesn't fit Shiden's "ideal woman", but she is still determined to win him over. Toyoko and Nami are very different, but despite their differences they would risk their lives for each other as well as their new friend Rieko.  Her older "sister" would be Miyo, but they like to think of her as a younger sister now. Toyoko doesn't show it much, but she worries about Miyo sometimes- she has been checking up on her using Shiden's computer but she always gets back the same readings. Miyo is happy with Tom.

And yes... for those wondering-- Toyoko has the largest breasts in the female cast. The Demoness is a close second... then Blue and then Kate...  (No I will not be drawing a chart for it - Sage)

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