If you want to send in fanArt (which I hope you do ^_^) Please E-mail it to me at sage25@gmail.com With the Subject,"FanArt". File format should be Jpeg, Gif, or PNG format. Remember I won't post Hentai fanart or anything like that. Tom's Picture of Flora and Kate is as far as it can go. It takes me some time to update my fan art so please be paitent with me. ^_^ Also- Please Do NOT draw Kate, Darklord, Ethan, or Phil engaged in any "sexual activities". Most are based on real life people and do not want to be associated with that in ANY way. As for Kate she is a special case for being a character I created more than 10 years ago, please respect this request and no problems will arise, thank you.


These images work in a different way than many others on Keenspace. What you see here are full res images shrunk down just by changing the area they show up in. You may notice it takes longer to load than a few simple thumbnails- this is to make my like easier at the cost of longer load times. Sorry but my time is limited and making things easier for me means more right now ^^;. If you click an image and it doesn't show up it is because you didn't allow the image to download all the way. Go back to this page and refresh the image but its best to just wait for this page to load completely before looking at the images. As I learn more I will attempt to put togeather a more efficient system but currently this will have to do. Thank you.

I divided them up into groups as followed...

Group Images:

Phil Fan Art:

Kate Fan Art:

Toyoko Fan Art:

Nami Fan Art::

Miyo Fan Art::

Rieko Fan Art:

DarkLord Fan Art:

Tom Fan Art:

Shisou Fan Art:

Naoko Fan Art:

Demoness Fan Art:

Shiden Fan Art:

Ethan Fan Art:

Misc. Fan Art: