Name: Rieko

Age: ??(was 15 when changed)

DOB: Unknown

Race: Chimera/Robot Girl

Rieko's story is a strange and sad one, tied with her younger brother.  When Rieko was fifteen, she was changed by the Weirding, and killed that same night.  Rieko was out late at a friend's house and on her way home when the Weirding began. She was still trying to figure out what was going on and caught downtown in her home city when a small gang, nothing more than a group of teens, saw her panicking on the sidewalk and dragged her into a back alley where they murdered her.  Her younger brother out looking for his sister was too late to help as she was dragged screaming into the alley.  Before he could say anything the gang came out and patted Cain on his shoulder and said, "There, another monster down so you don't have to worry about it.  Aren't you glad we are around to take care of things when the police aren't?"

Cain had nightmares every night of every day of that event. He ended up meeting a man that claimed that those Chimeras were just changed physically-- and some day they would be the leaders of the world!  He gave Cain a job, accelerated his ability to learn through magic-- and made him the leader of a scientific branch of a company the mysterious man owned.  Over time, Cain managed to find a way to bring his sister back to life: Using Nami as a model for recreating the body and using Darklord's demonic powers to pull Rieko's soul from the afterlife.

Unfortunately her new brain began to malfunction at the memories of her death-- and the memory of seeing Cain watch her die. Nami was able to compress Rieko's memory as well as remove some of it and put it into herself.  As a result, Nami now thinks of Rieko as a little sister in some ways. Rieko is still scared to death of Cain-- but has very little memory of her old life and her death, but she knows that Shiden told her that her soul and memories were real-- she just doesn't remember the details about it that caused her to relive the shock of the events.  She now lives with Shiden and his robot-girls, mainly Nami and Toyoko, and has deep feelings for Shiden... the first human she saw that she felt she could truly trust. 

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