Name: Penpen?

Age: Unknown

DOB: Unknown

Race: Penguin?

Penpen-- well thats what Phil and Kate call him. He accepts it, but it isn't his real name.  If you asked him, he would tell you "You couldn't pronounce my name" and waddle off to get some Jell-O... no one knows why but this penguin loves his Jell-O...

There are lots of interesting things about this penguin, like… well he talks for one thing, yet Phil never freaks out.   It gave Kate a shock at first-- but she also thought it was cute. No one remembers when Penpen came to live with Phil, it was before Kate showed up, but- Phil doesn't remember when they met, Penpen won't say, and no one knows if the Weirding had caused this penguin to gain the ability to speak...

More information as it becomes... well when Penpen gives the order... look you don't cross the penguin, ya just don't do it.

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