Name: Naoko Kobayashi

Age: 21

DOB: December 14th

Race: Human

Naoko is a very gifted priestess and temple maiden.  Her ability to manipulate spiritual power became apparent at the age of four, the earliest any priestess had since the sealing of magic many years ago.  She trained her gifts at her family's temple which had recently begun to loose visitors and funding. Naoko's father had agreed to an arrangement that his daughter would marry the son of the Kobayashi family, Shisou Kobayashi.  In doing so Naoko's family temple was given all the funding it needed to sustain them and also allowed the family to acquire other temples they considered sacred and protected them from destruction.

Originally Naoko was scared of the young Shisou, who would often tease her and scare her, until she "fought back".  She would show up randomly at his home and hug him and kiss him in front of his ninja friends and relatives, and embarrass him in ways that he just couldn't stand.  She continued her assaults on him often, and finally he tried to avoid her at all times, but it didn't work.  No matter where he went she found him and over time he just gave up.  He couldn't win, and he couldn't hurt her or driver her away- so he just accepted his "miserable" life... She really does love and care for him but she has never stopped teasing him.

After the Weirding took place she didn't gain any new powers.  Rather, the limit on her powers was lifted greatly.  Though not actually a Chimera - one of those altered by the Weirding- the event has nonetheless given her greater access to magical power that was sealed away for eons. She has banished many spirits that have caused trouble in areas around cities and towns and has practiced with banishment processes, or exorcism rites, that involve demons, though she has never actually banished one.  She possess an amazingly strong will and the ability to measure her own strength against a foe quickly. She can sense demonic powers, but she knows very well that if a demon doesn't want to be known it is near impossible to detect them until they use their powers.

Naoko also has several other gifts using her power:  She can channel her power though others and or put them into objects, making her a skilled worker in magic runes.  Runes can take a power and change it dramatically- it can take raw magical or any kind and expel it as something else- making it a very valuable skill, which she has displayed once by using her power through a paper talisman to create a pillar of stone and cause a psionic burst to "take down" an old "mountain witch".

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