Name: Kate Summers

Age: 20

DOB: October 25th

Race: Chimera (Cat/Human)

Kate has led a hard life.  She was like any other little girl until one night defined her life forever.  When she was nine years old the Weirding spread around the world and she suddenly became a "Catgirl" early into the night. Her parents panicked, not understanding what was happening and threw the recently transformed Kate out of her home.  On the streets she hid from the riots raging in the streets after spending an hour or two banging on the door of her former home, begging to be let in.

She was found in the morning by a gang of teens who decided to "kill the little monster.” They beat her until the police arrived and they scattered. The officer on call reluctantly picked her up, after having realized what she was, and took her back to the police station. After that day, she lived most of her life with foster parents and made it through school. Kate has spent most of her life trying to figure out how and why her parents could have done that to their own child, and she doesn't know if they even recognized her or perhaps thought she had killed their daughter and taken her place.  She really doesn't know the answer, only that her parents looked both scared and furious at the same time.

Finding an interest in Japanese anime, and traveling to several anime conventions, Kate found that most people accepted her there, but it was hollow and shallow at best. She made money by appearing at conventions as a receptionist, and later helped with sales in dealer's rooms and helping around as a staffer. It wasn't much at first but people realized how helpful she was and soon enough she was making enough to travel to conventions along the East coast. 

On one particular trip to Florida her bus driver refused to let her ride on "his" bus. Unable to get a taxi or a hotel room in the area she found an ad for someone looking for a roommate. With nothing really to loose she checked it out. From there she met Phil, Penpen, and his strange friends.  Being around Phil, she rarely had time to think about her past.  She found herself to actually be happy sometimes, and she was very grateful for it-- but she was also confused by it. Was she happy because she was in love with Phil? Or was she just escaping the truth and using Phil as an excuse to think about something else?

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