Name: Axel (The Darklord)

Age: 23

DOB: Unknown

Race: Chimera (Human/Magic)


Axel, I mean- The DARKLORD- is a rather interesting guy.  While not exactly "evil" he's not always "good".  He has a tendency to appear from portals filled with demons and monsters- believed by mystics to be a part of the astral plane--a realm of magic and the supernatural parallel to our world; Specifically, the demon world (yeah a part of Hell).

Though mature for his age, DL was like most kids his until the Weirding change when he was twelve years old.  That night he was shocked to have a naked woman suddenly appear on his bed:  a demon that had apparently been waiting for that moment. But before he had time to make sense of it he had to fight to hold onto his body as a great demon tried to use the opportunity to return to the human world after the sealing of magic on Earth severed the ability to create gateways from the demon world to Earth.

The demon tried to use DL's body as a gateway because his ties to the demon world's magic more than nearly any other person at the time. With the demoness' help DL wasn't able to keep the demon from entering his mind, but instead trapped him in an endless maze that allowed DL to retain his self.  Since then, DL has asked Naoko, as a powerful priestess, to help banish the demon from his body.

After the Weirding took place, DL gained the ability to see demons and magical auras, along with the ability to manipulate demonic magics rather easily.   Darklord is a friend of Phil's, and while they normally didn't see each other often while down in Florida, they tried to keep in touch.  But Phil's obsession with cute animes made it difficult for DL to come over, as the "cute anime girls" and such caused DL's evil aura to spontaneously combust his clothing and sometimes even his skin.  It's painful-- but he always regenerates damaged cells thanks to his magic.  Still, it isn't worth risking all the time.  Azumanga seems to have an even greater effect...

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