Name: Jenelle (Jen) Aka "Blue"

Age: 21

DOB: January 10th

Race: Chimera (Cat/Human)

Jen, like Kate, survived the riots of the night the Weirding took place.  Her parents were killed when a fire broke out and spread to their house.  She managed to escape the burning home and stumbled into the streets as the fire trucks arrived. The firefighters, confused by the half girl/half animal crying in the street decided to bind her hands and feet and put her in the truck until they put out the fire. Afterwards, the report of their capturing one of the "creatures" made its way to a secret government agency that had just received orders to find and take in some of these “Chimeras.”

Blue was taken off to a facility and isolated from people for several weeks with the exception of someone to go in and serve her food and drink and occasionally to drop off something to keep her mind busy. Over that time they moved her to a school-like facility where she and a few others like her began simple education while being monitored.  Months later, she was moved again- this time to a lab as a new head of research took over after the first one had failed to keep several of his "subjects" alive. The new director treated her more like a daughter than a pet, and he personally made sure her room was comfortable and spent lots of time with her, keeping her company while taking notes. 

After a year he managed to get together an education group set up and they began schooling for 5 days a week that was monitored. Four years later, she was released and given a place to live and joined a public school for the last couple years of her education. The Director insisted on this after his research had "proven" that she and all other Chimeras that have not shown any extraordinary powers were basically human and should be treated as humans. The Director now sends her extra money out of his own pocket when he can afford to... as he now either feels sorry for what she had to go through or because he has decided to act as her guardian- no one but him is sure of the reason why.  She now has a job at a bookstore in Virginia, where she meets Kate at a local convention.  Thrilled to meet another like herself, she discussed her concerns about if the Weirding had affected their minds or had they just changed physically. They came to the conclusion that they had only been altered in body alone...


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